Our Team:-

At ABC registration services you have the advantage of getting the services of the experienced lawyers of the leading intellectual property lawyers in India. With several years of experience across all stream of IPR covering Patents, Trademarks, Designs,Copyrights including the IP Enforcement. The team is well experienced and has been catering to all the big companies, Partnership firms, LLP, Indivduals,Single Firms alike.  

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  Vijay Aggarwal

                            founder member

The founder member of the firm Mr. Vijay kumar Aggarwal is the Pillar of the firm. He has been the guiding force of all the team members. He is a dynamic and experienced professional with an innovative thinking and the firm as of today is a result of his hard work and innovative ideas. He is handling Global and Indian Trademarks Portfolio Management, Trademark, Copyright and Patent prosecution, IP Infringement.

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 Summit Aggarwal 

            managing Partner  

 Carrying on the heritage, Summit son of the founding member Mr. Vijay Kumar Aggarwal, is also the managing Partner of ABC registration services. He is actively engaged in all facets of IP i.e. Trademarks, Designs, Copyrights, IP Enforcement. He has been attending major conferences and is also responsible  for managing International Clientele. He has been attending INTA, APAA, IPAA and most other reputed conferences in and Outside India. He has been author of several articles on various portals Linked in, Indianlawyersclub etc..

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 Meera Rajora

     trademarks associate

Meera has been a very hardworking and dedicated trademarks professional and has been handling trademarks assignments of the firm. She is responsible for all kind of trademarks work including the preparing, prosecuting the applications for the trademarks as well as for the oppositions, rectification etc.

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  Neha Goyal

          patent associate

Neha is a qualified Indian Patent Agent. She is an Associate of ABC. She handles all the Patent related matters independently for various Clients based in India, Malaysia, US, Indonesia, Singapore, UK, Germany, and so on. She is an expert in knock out searches, Patentability Searches, Freedom-to-operate searches, Validity/Invalidity searches;Claim Chart/EoU/Key Feature Mapping Preparation, Family Portfolio Mapping, Legal Status docketing, Monetization (Commercialization) of Patent Portfolio, Technology Landscape (Category Analysis and Statistical Analysis);Draft Complete Application and Provisionals in US/EP/India/Malaysia jurisdictions. Draft applications in domains of Life Sciences, Biomedical, Chemical Methods, Biotechnology, Bioinformstics, Food Technology,Mechanical, and General Engineering. Undertook professional training on Drafting from Drafting Senior Expert Mr. Joseph E. Root; Preparation of illustrations such as flowcharts, block diagrams, complex structures, products in the domains of Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biomedical, Software, Life Sciences, Chemical, Mechanical, Electronics, Food Technology, and General Engineering; Technical Writing description of the ideas provided by the inventors.

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Dilwaar Singh

           designs associate 

Dilwaar a highly dedicated and experienced professional in the field of IP. Has been assocaited with the firm for last so many years and is reponsible for the growth of the company. He is handling the industrial designs portfolio of the firm apart from the handling of the trademarks assignments.

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 Deepender rawat

                                    para legal

Deepender has been doing all kinds of docketing, managing the papers,meeting scheules of the firm. He is a keen learner and loves to learn new things and has been able to assist all members of the firm for the growth of the firm.